It is a unique Photo booth box design featuring a DSLR camera, professional flash and professional printer, touch screen and wireless internet connection. You simply relax and enjoy the unique Photopartybox service experience. Smile, take a funny or serious pose, take pictures and send your photos wherever you want (in the mail / fb / twitter / instagram) and before the end don’t forget to take printouts of your photos …… .and don’t forget… .sky is the limit …… you can shoot as many taxes as you want without limit !!
Just an amazing impression !!! Everyone wants this day to be a unique day that will forever be etched in the minds of your guests. Photopartybox is the guarantee of the success of your event. Only the exterior of his unique and fashionable Photo booth exterior is enough to captivate the look and become the focus of attention!
About 10 seconds of waiting is enough to have a printout in your hand! So until you get your drink in your hand… your photo will be ready !!
The answer is … there is no limit! As many times as you want you can come with or without your company and be photographed!
Yes you can immediately send it wherever you want (email / fb / instagram / twitter / pinterest). At the same time, all photos are uploaded to an album where you can access and view them even during the event (access to the album is subject to customer consent).
During the event all photos are given to the guests being photographed. All photos of your event are delivered on flashdisk at the end of the event! If you would like reprints, just ask us and you will have them in place in a few days at a low cost.
For indoor space it would be good to have 2 × 2 meters available. For outdoor space at least 3 × 3 meters.
Of course this is possible! In addition to our own photo backgrounds we can make any background you want (at a small cost) provided you have decided at least 20 days before the event and have the file delivered to us electronically.
Do not worry, Photopartybox team will be happy to cover your event wherever you are. You just let us know as soon as possible to better organize your party.