Virtual booth

Your users / guests can be ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and all they need is their mobile phone and an internet connection !!!! In 3 simple steps our service:
  • We make the visual of the photo you want depending on the event and we send to your guests the URL link.
  • Your guests take pictures with their device without downloading any application – just by using the URL they receive.
  • Then they can put filters, frames, change the background and put stickers on the photos and download them as well as share on Social media
Features of the virtual booth service :
  1. New service – without physical presence of photobooth equipment – users can be anywhere in the world !!!
  2. Easy to use for everyone – all you need is internet access and a device with a camera and web browser (eg their mobile)
  3. Unlimited photo uploads per user
  4. Select the frame, filters, background by the user and add Stickers
  5. Animated Gifs & Boomerangs
  6. Online Gallery – all users have access to the photo gallery (if desired)
  7. Slideshows with a specific URL for on-screen display
  8. Remove a photo background and add a background of your choice
  9. Connect to Dropbox for instant photo printing
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