Selfie Stand

  • Easy to transfer – Shipping all over Greece
  • Branding for all kind of events (corporate, weddings, parties etc)
  • Touch Screen 10,5’
  • Photos, Gifs, Boomerangs and videos
  • Guests can send their photos gifs boomerangs and videos to their personal emails
  • Instagram uplods as boomerangs and videos can be saved as mp4 files
  • Filters
  • Digital Props
  • In-App Gallery: access to all your media files from the the screen (photos, gifs, boomerangs και videos)
  • Micro web site – live upload of all files created during the event. For example, through a web tv you can have a live gallery show of all your files created during the event (Photos, Gifs, Boomerangs and Videos)
  • Υou can either choose a service without printing (no need for a booth attendant) or with printing (a booth attendant is needed)
  • It is possible to book Selfie Stand for more than 1 day, depending on your needs.
Please watch the following video about our Selfie Stand service Send me an offer!