Instagram Printer

  • Instant printing using your Instagram/Twitter account by adding your event’s #hashtag
  • Unlimited Photo Prints
  • Customized prints with your logos (10×15)
  • Εκτυπώσεις σε διαστάσεις 10×15
  • Online Gallery
  • Attendant during your event

Your guests use their Smartphones via the Instagram / Twitter app to take a photo. Photos are uploaded using the #hashtag pre-arranged for the event (which is made known to the guests with information on the tables and with a promoter that updates the guests live using the Smartphone) on Instagram / Twitter account. The software detects the photo via the event’s #hashtag and displays the photo on the touchscreen screen where each guest selects (username-based) the photo and prints it.

The prints are 10x15cm – The photos are customized with logos. Our attendant takes pictures with the Smartphone and explains the process to them. This person can also take photos of people who either do not want to use their personal Instagram / Twitter account or do not have Instagram / Twitter.

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