10 tips to enjoy your investors with Photo Booth

A photo booth because of its uniqueness and uniqueness, excites everyone by provoking positive emotions and plenty of laughter. Such a unique fun idea for your wedding reception will give an extra dose of fun and will lift the mood! So choose to enhance your wedding with a photo booth that you and your guests will love! Today the Photo Party Box team will share with us 10 tips to ensure the success of the photo booth at your reception!

1. Select the appropriate photo booth type for your event

Many times couples are wondering what would be best for their wedding, an “open type” or a “closed type” (booth) photo booth? The truth is that open type photo booths can fit up to 17 people, unlike the “closed type” which has limited space for photography! In addition to an “open-source” photo booth, the process of photographing something that attracts more people to come and take pictures is visible.

2. Show the way

The wedding party night is a night dedicated to the couple. All guests have their eyes fixed on them! So a great idea is for the couple to come to the photo booth as often as possible. Another good idea is when the couple enters the reception area to be photographed in the photo booth – everyone will see and follow the couple’s example!

3. Placement point

Great attention must be paid to the place where the photo booth will be placed. Ideally it should be visible from the tables or space where the guests are in order to show the whole process of photographing! So, soon the service will become known and everyone will run to take a photo! If we wish we can inform guests about the existence of the photo booth with informative tabs placed on the table in front of each guest.

4. Appropriate lighting and picture quality

Before deciding which company to work with, ask to see sample photos of past events both digitally and in print. Pay attention to the lighting used for photography.

5. Optional background for photography

The choice of background for photography is also remarkable. There is the solution of the real background and the green screen background. A real background has the benefit of showing more beautifully in your event venue and can either be a nicely decorated space or a cloth print for use as a background in photography. A green screen background (the guests are photographed with a green cloth in the back, but in print the green color is digitally replaced by an image of your choice) has the advantage that the couple presets the images to be used as backgrounds in photography, so we have many changes to the backgrounds of the prints something the guests like!

6. Photography props and accessories

As for the props that your guests will use, in addition to the mustache glasses, you can also give your own brushstrokes or slogans written on boards in your own style and style!

7. Photo booth attendant

Most companies use their own staff to use the photo booth and this is the right one! So choose companies that engage with their own people during the service to serve your guests and support the photo booth technically.

8. Template design

Designing the photo to be printed is another important part. Every photo except for the 3-4 poses it leaves room for both the couple’s names and the date, logos, etc. A good idea is to incorporate graphics and colors from the invitation card into the photo to be printed!

9. Book of wishes with photos

The idea of a photo wish book really is something that all couples will enjoy. After each photo shoot, a print will be placed in the greeting book and there the guests will write a wish! The next day the couple will live the wedding party again through the dozens of photos and wishes of the wish book! Tip: It doesn’t have to be big – just a 25x25cm greeting book with 80-100 sheets is enough.

10. Digital sevices

In addition to printing and emailing the photo if the couple wants it, there are additional services such as GIF (animated), boomerang videos (well known on Ιnstagram)

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